Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photographer Novelties

Well, earlier today my husband and I put together our brand new entertainment center. As I was putting our different book series on the shelves I got to thinking that I'd like to have have bookends to go with the different series. One for Harry Potter, one for Series of Unfortunate Events, etc. So, naturally I found myself on Etsy looking around.

How cool is this?

kalamazoo, michigan, photographer
Glass Tile Pendant

And I just LOVE this!

kalamazoo, michigan, photographer
Camera Pillow

This is so crazy, but very cool.

kalamazoo, michigan, photogapher
Camera Soap
And this was in the category 'geekery'

kalamazoo michigan photography
And this shop has two that I love...

kalamazoo michigan photographer
Brownie Nightlight
kalamazoo michigan photographer
Charging Station

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Forward Motion Photography said...

Those are so cool! Thanks for sharing.

lauraruizphotography said...

Those are great. Do you sell those?

mposeyphoto said...

I need to send this to my husband for gift ideas! Thanks!

MelindaS.Photography said...

Really cool items I especially love the laptop decal. Thanks for sharing!