Friday, June 22, 2012

Companion Cats

Most of you know that we homeschool our girls. This past winter we went on a field trip to an awesome little no kill cat shelter in Battle Creek called Companion Cats.

What makes Companion Cats so special? Well, what doesn't? They have amazing volunteers and they are a no-kill shelter, of course. But their mission is to 'spay and neuter as many unowned cats to reduce overpopulation'. They have already spayed over 400 cats and kittens this year! Last year they spayed over 900 cats and kittens. They also help cats find 'furever homes'. Last year they helped 200 cats and kittens find 'furever homes'. And their adoption fee is so reasonable. Even less than most of the shelters in the area.

Please visit their facebook page for updates and lots of CUTE cat pictures.

I wanted to find a way to help them and some of my friends volunteer once a week, but I wasn't able to make that kind of commitment. I knew that I wanted to put my photography to use so today Diana, from Photography By Diana and I got to go play with some VERY cute kitties!

It's kitten season at the shelter. They have 40-50 kittens right now between the shelter and in foster homes. That is a lot of kittens that need furever homes! Call Companion Cats and talk to them about getting a new member of your family. 269-753-5594

Look at this beautiful girl? Don't you just want to love her up?

Thank you, Companion Cats and all the volunteers and foster families,
for your amazing work in the community.

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