Monday, January 9, 2012

Your Child's Session

Some tips to keep in mind for your session with children

  1. Your child is not likely to cooperate with your desires. They will not sit still and smile. Please don’t expect this of them. They won’t respond to “let’s just get this over with” and candy bribes don’t work as well as you think.

  2. Do not get mad, yell, or raise your voice to your kids. I’m not here to tell you how to raise them. You can do whatever you like at home, but the moment you get angry with them, the session is pretty much over. For them, and for me. Fear does not inspire smiles.

  3. I am a patient person. I rarely have more than one session a day and chances are I am not really on a time limit with your session. If your session fee is based on per hour, know that sessions rarely last more than an hour. Especially with kids. If we need to take a break so your kids can get a drink, snack or hug to make them feel better, I will not hold that against you.

  4. When I talk times with you before your session I will likely mention times like “It should only take about an hour”. I’m not a psychiatrist. I don’t have a timer going. It’s just an estimate. There is no rush.

  5. If you want to help me get your child’s attention, get behind me. Stand with your face right above my head and call them, sing, do what you gotta do. I don’t mind this at all. You are not in my way there. Do not stand three feet away and call them otherwise all their pictures are going to be of them looking off camera because I can’t compete with the sound of mom or dad’s voice.

  6. Designate who will be the one to try to get the child’s attention and everyone else needs to be quiet. You can switch it up, but communicate with each other who will be the one to stand above my head.

  7. There is nothing wrong with images of your child looking off camera. They tend to be the most natural looking, sweet images and I love them. I will surely get plenty of them looking at the camera so don’t mind me if I at some point I take a break from the “look at the camera and smile” mentality. I might take the child on a small walk or just let them play. If I do this. I will let you know. You are welcome to follow me at a distance if we walk, but don’t try to get their attention.

  8. If we are taking a family picture and you are in the picture with your child, don’t try to get them to look at the camera. I promise you it won’t work. Just try to keep your attention focused on me and I will handle the kiddos. I also like to get natural images so either before or after the “look at the camera and smile” picture, I might ask you to act naturally. Talk, tickle, sing, focus on your child and forget that I am there.

I cordially invite you into the studio or on location for your own fabulous session! Visit for pricing information. Call 269-381-4810 or email to schedule a complimentary consultation and session.


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Great list of tips!

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Great tips! I think all parents need to read this before a session :)