Thursday, June 24, 2010

13 things I have learned this past year

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So, why 13?

I intended for this to be a 10 items list, but found when writing them out that I had a few more to add, plus I'm not superstitious. They are in no particular order.

  1. Charge my camera battery and flash batteries the night before a shoot
  2. Always remember the model release
  3. Test equipment the night before to ensure it is in working order
  4. Pack extra memory cards so that when you get to a clients house you don't have to turn around and go back home because you left your main card in your card reader at home
  5. I love shooting people
  6. It's all about the light. My life is now all about light. Every where I go, everything I do, I am always looking at light. The amount, the way it falls, hot spots, shadows… the list goes on.
  7. Shooting at night in the middle of winter is very cold, but very fun! I didn't think it would work out because, well, "It's all about the light" and at night... well... no light, but it worked and it was a blast. We captured some great moments
  8. A room that is lit up with light bouncing everywhere may not be the very best environment for a portrait.
  9. Boudoir Photography is amazingly fun. I truly enjoy helping the women who may not be the most self confident of beings see that they really are truly beautiful. I love the confidence boost that it gives them. I also do enjoy the stories of their significant other's reactions to the photos as well.
  10. Never compare myself to other photographers. Never consider another photographer my competition.
  11. Keep studio clean all the time for last minute photo shoots and for ease of finding things when I need them.
  12. How to press the shutter less and still get great photos, if not better than when I would shoot a lot and get few good ones.
  13. Remember the model release! Wait, did I say that already? Yeah, well, it's really important!

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